1. Security Update

    On April 7th, 2014 a vulnerability in the encryption technology that the majority of websites use was revealed.

    The vulnerability, called Heartbleed, affected many of the the Internet’s most trafficked websites including Amazon, Google and Yahoo.

    MinuteBase uses the same encryption technology as these sites and so we immediately applied the necessary fixes to our servers and updated our security certificates.

    As a precautionary measure we recommend that users update their MinuteBase passwords. To do this log in to your MinuteBase account and go to your Profile by clicking on your name at the top right of the page. Click the Edit Profile button and select the Authentication section. Enter your new password into the form and click Update.

    If you use another service, such as Google, to log in to MinuteBase you can see them under the 3rd Party Providers heading of the Authentication section. We recommend you update your passwords for those services as well.

    If we have any further information we’ll post it to this blog and to the MinuteBase Twitter account.

  2. Better, Simpler Linking

    We’ve had a “link” minute type since the very first version of MinuteBase. It’s a simple, yet powerful little feature as it not only lets you link to things, but it will also embed content. For example, if you link to a YouTube video then you’ll be able to play it right there in the minutes.

    It works really well when it’s used, but it just wasn’t simple enough. It’s a hassle to have to select a different minute type just to put a link in your document, which means most of the time you don’t bother. It also means you don’t get the benefits when you paste a URL into other minute types, such as actions or decisions.

    So we’ve made it simpler by getting rid of the link minute type altogether!

    Now simply put a URL in your text, action or decision minute and we’ll display relevant information alongside it.

    So be it a tweet…

    A video…

    A book…

    Or many, many others, your meeting minutes can be richer and more engaging.

  3. Decisions

    Making decisions is a major part of any meeting and MinuteBase has always made it easy for you to document them in your minutes. Many of you have asked to make it even easier to highlight decisions in your meetings, we’re happy to be able to bring that to you today.

    You can now choose from a new type of minute when writing your minutes, a decision.

    Simply select this new minute type and we’ll give it a little thumbs up icon to identify it.

    When you send the minutes out by email, we break out the decisions into their own section to make it easy to see at a glance what was decided upon in the meeting.

    To make it easy to focus on just the decisions you’ve made in a meeting, we’ve added a select box so that you can view text, actions and, of course, decisions on their own. The headings always remain, so you can filter the content to just what you’re interested in without losing your place in the document.

    The headers above the agenda and minutes sections now lock to the top of the screen as you scroll down the page, making it easier to get to the controls wherever you are in the document.

    We’ve deliberately kept this first version of decisions simple, we’ve got plenty of ideas for the future but we wanted to get it in your hands as soon as possible. Let us know what you think.

  4. Drag and Drop File Uploading

    Sharing files with your team takes a leap forward today. Minutetakers can now drag and drop multiple files to a minute:

    … and boom they’ll be uploaded and attached:

    You can also use the standard file dialog to select multiple files (CTRL + Select on Windows or Command + Select on Mac).

    Drag and drop file uploading works with recent releases of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The preview release of Internet Explorer 10 also supports the feature. For full details of browser support see our support article.

  5. Private and Public Comments

    One of the great features of MinuteBase is the ability to comment on agenda items or minutes and discuss items without having to meet in person or sending around lots of email.

    We’re pleased to announce a couple of new features which make comments even more powerful.

    Private Comments

    Comments are great for discussing things with your team-mates, but sometimes you want to make a note which is just for you. With private comments you can do just that.

    Simply write yourself a comment as usual, then check the “private comment” checkbox and you’ll be the only person who can read it.

    We add a little padlock to the comment number so you can easily tell if you’ve written any private comments on an item.

    Public Comments

    With public meetings you can send the URL of your meeting to anyone you want, but what if they want to leave you feedback? Previously you’d have to invite everyone into your account, not any more!

    By turning on public comments you can allow anyone to leave comments on your public meetings, making it much easier to get feedback from a wider audience.

    We hope you like these new features as much as we do and we look forward to your comments!