1. Private and Public Comments

    One of the great features of MinuteBase is the ability to comment on agenda items or minutes and discuss items without having to meet in person or sending around lots of email.

    We’re pleased to announce a couple of new features which make comments even more powerful.

    Private Comments

    Comments are great for discussing things with your team-mates, but sometimes you want to make a note which is just for you. With private comments you can do just that.

    Simply write yourself a comment as usual, then check the “private comment” checkbox and you’ll be the only person who can read it.

    We add a little padlock to the comment number so you can easily tell if you’ve written any private comments on an item.

    Public Comments

    With public meetings you can send the URL of your meeting to anyone you want, but what if they want to leave you feedback? Previously you’d have to invite everyone into your account, not any more!

    By turning on public comments you can allow anyone to leave comments on your public meetings, making it much easier to get feedback from a wider audience.

    We hope you like these new features as much as we do and we look forward to your comments!