1. Improvements to Privacy and Members Section

    We’ve just released a new version which includes some important changes to how the People and Members areas work.

    Previously everyone who had access to your MinuteBase account could view any other members profiles and see them in the People section. We did this because it was the simplest approach and worked well for small teams and organisations.

    However, there are many situations where you may not want to let the attendees of one meeting know who else you’re having meetings with. You may not want to invite someone into your account and let them access the profiles of all of your other clients for example.

    In this new version, we’ve improved the privacy of people’s profiles. You can now only see a person if you share a workspace with them.

    Minute-takers can now manage the members of the workspace which means you can setup a new workspace and assign a minute-taker and let them take care of the rest. They don’t have to ask Admins every time they want to add a new person.

    We’ve replaced the old badges for identifying Admins and Minute-takers with colour coded borders:

    • Black for Admins
    • Green for Minute-takers
    • Blue for Users
    • Silver for Contacts

    We’ve also made a number of improvements to the members area and invites. Adding members and creating new users is simpler than ever. Just use the auto-complete box at the top of the page.

    Clicking on a cog next to a person allows Minute-takers and Admins to send an invites and upgrade a user to be a Minute-taker.

    So go ahead and invite everyone to join you safe in the knowledge that you’re not giving them access to any more information than you want.